The Sports Zone

This Zone is for the sports lovers who love being active, this zone will be filled with a variety of sports to keep them busy!  Run by specialist sports coaches your child will learn new sports and improve their skills in ones they already play,

Sports Zone Plus

Our Sports Zone Plus is open for older children rising into Y5 through to those rising into Y8.  Their whole day will be sports based, using our fantastic sports facilities.

Learning Objectives

Children learn through play and having fun, below are some examples of what your child will learn in the Sports Zone:

  • Enjoyment of physical activity to encourage a lifelong love of sports and exercise
  • Develop coordination and balance
  • Participate in competitive play and learn how to cooperate with others in a team during physical activities
  • Communication, collaboration, and competition
  • Develop an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities
We play lots of different sports as well as doing some other fun stuff like cooking and playing games. I love the fun swim with the balls and floats.Jack Y6

Olympic Day is Back

18th July 2017

Our ever popular Olympic Day is returning as part of our theme Friday. Boys and Girls will compete within their designated countries at a variety of sports and artistic activities to see who will become the FunZone Olympic Champions!

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